Who Can Join A Study?

Research Volunteers

Anyone can volunteer for HIV/AIDS research.  You do not need to be ill to be eligible for a clinical trial.  In fact, clinical trials often require relatively healthy volunteers.  Nor do you have to be HIV-positive, because the search for an effective vaccine requires HIV-negative volunteers.

Clinical trial volunteers make an incomparable contribution to the field of HIV research.  We have effective treatments today because of clinical trial volunteers.

Each clinical trial is different, and each one will require a different type of volunteer.  Some trials require only one clinic visit; others may require several clinic visits. While some trials involve answering questions on a survey, others may involve taking pills.  Often, trials offer patients without access to health insurance a means of gaining access to vital drugs. Some trials offer volunteers financial compensation, while others do not.

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If you want to contribute to HIV research, volunteer to participate in a clinical trial.  Express your interest by joining our Priority Notification List (PNL).

Members of the PNL receive regular updates and e-communications throughout the year, particularly announcements about new clinical trials.  You will also receive updates about AIDS Research Alliance, as well as news about developments in HIV research.

The privacy of PNL members is strictly protected.  AIDS Research Alliance does not share PNL membership information with anyone.  We send materials to PNL members in plain envelopes without the word “AIDS” printed on the outside (only our street address).

You should join the PNL, if you are:

  • Interested in joining a future research study
  • Interested in helping us recruit study volunteers, or
  • A former research volunteer, who wants to stay involved

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To join a current study:

Call:      310-358-2429
Email:    studyinfo@aidsresearch.org

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For more information on clinical research and the role each party plays in the process, visit CISRP.org

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