Our cure research depends heavily on generous gifts from a concerned public. 

Stories from Our Donors:


Cary Stevens – Chairman, Board of Directors

I began my involvement with AIDS Research Alliance many years ago through my support of the arts.  I was then invited to serve on the Planning Committee for the agency’s benefit, ArtSeen.

From my role in that event, it was a natural leap to broader support of the organization. Throughout my involvement, I’ve seen how this organization has impacted the way HIV research is conducted.  Having suffered the loss of a number of friends to AIDS, I appreciate how important it is to advance HIV science.  I’m honored that I have been chosen to lead AIDS Research Alliance at such an important time, and to help the organization achieve its full potential.

Mrs. Edward Tallmadge – Major Donor

The tragedy of AIDS is just as important as our troubled economy, our nation’s energy independence, and global climate change.  We must support AIDS Research Alliance and its work to find a vaccine and a cure.

Art & Jim – Major Donors

We are both long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS, living 20+ years longer than we ever thought we would.  We both lost many friends during the earliest years of the epidemic. They died waiting for effective treatments.  But for the grace of God, we are alive today because of medical research.  We even lived long enough to marry!  In memory of our lost friends, we cannot think of another organization more worthy of our charitable gifts. 

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