Why Does Michael Donate to ARA Every Month?

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June 13 2013

By Emma Brownell

Michael with CheetahMichael Williams lives in the Netherlands and travels to exotic places like the Naankuse wildlife sanctuary in Namibia, where he took this photograph with one of their three (friendly) rescued cheetahs.

Michael has an international outlook, but every month, he gives to AIDS Research Alliance, located in downtown Los Angeles.

Recently, I asked Michael what inspired his generosity to AIDS Research Alliance. He answered, “I had twin cousins in my family, one of whom I watched die from AIDS. It was shocking to see what the disease did to him, especially for someone of my age at the time. I can still picture the distorted expressions on his face shortly before he passed.”

Michael’s cousin’s twin brother is also infected with HIV. Although he is still living, he has suffered from the debilitating effects of the disease and the medicine that he needs to stay alive.

Explaining his support for AIDS Research Alliance, Michael said, “Some years ago, I decided that I wanted to support research organizations that were committed to finding a cure and developing a therapeutic vaccine, or other therapy for those already infected with HIV. After researching online, ARA was one of two great causes that I decided to support on a monthly basis.”

“I give monthly simply because I’ve seen first-hand the brutal effects of HIV on my family. My cousins are just two of the 34 million people who are impacted by this horrible disease,” he continued.

Recurring monthly donations allow AIDS Research Alliance to plan our future research expenditures – thus enabling us to efficiently and effectively support our HIV cure research program.

Please consider joining Michael and the rest of our monthly donors. Support ARA’s HIV cure research.

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