Why Does Adam Dachis Volunteer for Clinical Research?

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May 07 2014

Before a treatment or vaccine is ever approved for general use, it must go through four phases of clinical research. These clinical trial phases ensure that the proposed drug is both safe and effective in humans. Here at AIDS Research Alliance, we conduct clinical trials, looking for new treatment and vaccine strategies for HIV and other diseases.  In order to conduct this potentially life-saving research, we recruit clinical trial research volunteers. These are the people who make our work possible. Without them, our clinical staff would not be able to advance our treatment and vaccine research.

To better understand what volunteering for a clinical trial entails, we spoke with Adam Dachis, a new media buff and published author, about his experience as a volunteer for the HIV vaccine trial (HVTN 505) overseen by the NIH, and conducted here at ARA.

Adam & partner
Adam Dachis (right) with his partner.

Why do you volunteer for clinical research?

Two years ago, I saw an ad on Facebook for the HIV vaccine trial. I was in the mood to help. I wanted to volunteer. It’s about time that we found a vaccine, and a cure, for HIV/AIDS.

What has been you experience as a trial volunteer?

I like going to AIDS Research Alliance. I like the people there. I look forward to seeing everyone—to talking with everybody. Dr. Brown always has something interesting to tell me. I write about technology, and we talk about gadgets and stuff. He is always really helpful and generous. I usually learn something when I go into ARA – if it’s not about HIV, it’s about how to relieve headache tension, or treat other minor aches and pains.

Would you recommend to others that they consider participating in clinical research?

I think the only consideration is if you have an hour in your day to do it. I could always figure out a time to schedule coming in. I never had a problem getting away from work to do it. In fact, my colleagues thought that it was good that I was participating.

For anybody who has enough time, there’s no reason not to do it.

If you, like Adam, would like to make a difference in the lives of many, and volunteer for a clinical trial, please visit our Studies Now Enrolling page, or call (310) 358-2434.

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