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February 28 2013

ARA Staff with Check
ARA staff receives We-Care check

“Shop and Support” programs are a fantastic way for people to support their chosen cause without spending an extra dime. In the last year, ARA has partnered with one Shop & Support organization that has proven to be particularly fruitful – Through, when ARA supporters shop at various online vendors, a portion of the sale is funneled back to support ARA.

In December, featured ARA as the Cause of the Month. As a result of this exposure, and its users raised $38,255.17 for ARA, enough to pay for the eight leukapheresis experiments necessary for the advancement of our promising HIV cure research. While users typically select one favorite cause to support with their online shopping, the Cause of the Month campaign introduces undecided users to a particular cause. Thousands of users chose to participate in December and earn donations for ARA as they shopped, booked travel, and searched online – at no extra cost to them. Their participation raised $38,255.17 in micro-donations, enough to complete the next stage of prostratin research.

“In honor of World AIDS Day, and a strong partnership with the organization, chose AIDS Research Alliance as December’s Cause of the Month,” explained Gina Navani, Director of Operations at “Since the opportunity provides undecided users with basic information about the organization and encourages additional support, the company grew excited about the possibility of collaborating with its users and merchants to support ARA’s prostratin research project.”

Prostratin, ARA’s cure strategy, is a promising drug candidate that has been shown to expose latent HIV in cell reservoirs. In an HIV-positive body, the virus hides in “reservoirs,” inhibiting the effectiveness of current drug therapies. A persistent obstacle in curing HIV/AIDS is drawing the virus out of these reservoirs to rid the body of the virus. ARA’s Medical Director, Dr. Stephen Brown, explained, “The leukapheresis experiments will allow ARA researchers to assess prostratin’s effectiveness as a therapy to eradicate HIV, allowing researchers to extract white blood cells from blood samples. Researchers are unable to obtain enough white blood cells from a blood draw, but with leukapheresis, white blood cells can be taken from blood and the red cells and plasma can be returned into the patient.” The donations will allow ARA to advance its prostratin research, moving the world closer to a cure, and an AIDS-free generation.

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