Matt and Lori Volunteer for AIDS Research Alliance

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December 12 2012

Matt and Lori Quinn
Lori and Matt Quinn

“Volunteering is just effortless. What an easy and enjoyable thing to do.”

Matt and Lori Quinn came to Los Angeles five years ago and immediately got involved with AIDS Research Alliance (ARA) by volunteering at a holiday fundraising event in Malibu. Since then, the Quinns have graciously dedicated their time and energy to ensure that each ARA event is a success, whether they spend that time handing out brochures and condoms at Gay Pride in West Hollywood, or serving hors d’oeuvres at our Summer Soirée fundraiser.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic hits close to home for the Quinns. Their close friends have lost loved ones to the disease, and the Quinns have personally observed the devastation of AIDS. While they could not contribute financially, they knew their time and energy would be valuable to ARA.

“When you sit back and think about it, it is not just volunteering for your neighborhood, your city, or your state—it is for the whole world. And it is a contribution we are willing to make. We don’t have a lot of money, but if it is our time and energy are of value, what an easy and enjoyable thing to do.”

The Quinns have volunteered at many ARA events, and fortunately for us at ARA, they continue to enjoy dedicating some of their free time to us. Lori tells us, “Every time we get home from an event, we go, ‘Oh man, we had a good time.’ We get to celebrate the progress that ARA has made in its research, and get to know the people involved, while enjoying some of the finest and most opulent locations in Los Angeles.”

Lori reflected on an event a couple years ago where she was struck by the harsh reality of the disease, as well as the hopeful and growing momentum toward a cure. “I had a goosebump moment. It was an intimate event and someone stood up to give statistics on how the cure research was progressing, ARA’s commitment to a cure, and their strategy going forward. I just stood there and thought, ‘are you kidding me, this is so unreal. I cannot believe that I am a part of this.’ It gave me such hope for our friends who are affected by HIV.”

Matt and Lori’s dedication go a long way. They believe that volunteering is “kind of like when you vote. People say, ‘why should I vote? There are millions of people out there, and it’s not going to make any difference.’ Well guess what? It does make a difference. My vote does count. The role that I play, whether that be directing someone to the bathroom or helping to clean up, it makes a difference.”

ARA is deeply grateful to the Quinns for their generosity of spirit.

Thank you, Lori and Matt, for all that you do to advance HIV/AIDS research.

Want to volunteer at an ARA event? Check out our ‘Get Involved’ page.


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