It’s Official: ARA Has a New Logo

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September 05 2012

For the last four months, ARA has been working with a team of five consultants provided to us by a grant from the Taproot Foundation to design a new logo. After many evening meetings and discussions, the Taproot team has created a logo that does justice and more to everything we are doing here at ARA.

The journey began with this logo, which you know well:

ARA old logo

The Taproot team recognized that the new logo needed to be iconic and bold, as well as reflective of ARA’s values and mission. The team developed a number of concepts for us, many of which we thought were fantastic, but in the end, we all agreed that the best logo was the one below, which combines the DNA strand with the AIDS ribbon. It is iconic and bold, and it communicates what we do – research – and where we came from – a more than 30 year-long history of holding out hope in the face of HIV/AIDS:


ARA logo

You’ll notice that our tagline has also changed - from “Because research works” to “From hope to cure.” The tagline, like the logo itself, reflects our evolution - from an organization hoping for a cure - to one that is actively working on a cure strategy - prostratin.

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