ARA Awarded 3rd Taproot Foundation Grant

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January 27 2014

Taproot Foundation

2014 is poised to be a year of growth for AIDS Research Alliance – we are starting the year with a new Chairman of the Board, Dr. W. David Hardy, and with an energetic new research scientist, Dr. Stefanie Homann. With these additions in place, we are embarking on a Taproot Foundation service grant (our third grant from the Foundation) sponsored by JP Morgan Chase for Strategic Planning Preparation.

Whereas the first two grants focused on improving our marketing and communications initiatives, this new grant will help ARA better guide our operations. Designed to provide ARA with critical internal and external analysis, the grant deliverables will also include an environmental scan, SWOT analysis, and feedback from internal and external stakeholder interviews. This process will help promote a consistent organizational vision and mission on which ARA can build a strategic plan.

Armed with the research and analysis developed by the Taproot consultants, ARA will embark on the implementation of a new strategic plan. The strategic plan will provide ARA with the insight needed to properly assess our position, promote organizational alignment and board engagement, and provide a baseline to inform strategic decisions for the next five years.

“Having already met with the Taproot Foundation’s team of four strategy consultants, I am extremely optimistic about the road ahead of us – to build a solid strategic plan to advance the research goals of AIDS Research Alliance,” explained Dr. Hardy. “With a newly expanded research laboratory, an extremely talented research scientist, and new Board leadership, ARA is poised for growth.”

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