AIDS Research Alliance Now Providing Leukopaks to Research and Pharmaceutical Institutions

Stefanie Homann at the leukapheresis machine

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our services to include the ability to conduct apheresis, leukapheresis, and to provide leukopaks to research, educational and pharmaceutical institutions.

ARA has been conducting clinical trials for 25 years and has conducted over 150 trials to date. With our own outreach program, ARA is able to recruit study volunteers with specific medical conditions or diseases. Additionally, we have our own Institutional Review Board (IRB), enabling us to expedite studies, including the collection of leukopaks for other institutions’ specialized research purposes.

Under the expert supervision of Scientific Director Stefanie Homann, Ph.D., ARA’s research staff is currently collecting white blood cells from HIV-positive study volunteers, as well as from study volunteers with Hepatitis B and C. Because we have our own outreach program,we are ready to recruit and collect blood products from study volunteers with any requested medical condition.

“We are pleased to unveil our new clinical capacity—leukapheresis,” said Stefanie Homann, Ph.D. “We look forward to working with various members of the research and pharmaceutical communities to provide them with fresh blood products, so that they may advance their own research.”

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