A Legacy of Innovation

  Our founder, Dr. Paul Rothman

Our founder, Dr. Paul Rothman

During the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic, Dr. Paul Rothman assembled a courageous group of physicians and activists.  Frustrated by the slow pace of AIDS research, our founders launched a community-based research initiative in 1989 that challenged conventional thinking about medical research and the traditional drug development process.  Their activism led to the discovery of treatments for various opportunistic infections, saving the lives of countless people.

After Dr. Rothman’s death from AIDS, his fledgling research initiative grew into an accomplished and respected clinical research site, which helped to develop about half of all existing anti-HIV drugs.  These drugs revolutionized HIV treatment, and while there is still no cure, these therapies have saved the lives of millions of people worldwide.  In 2006, the World Health Organization/UNAIDS estimated that anti-HIV drugs have given Americans with HIV at least three million years of unexpected life.

All progress in the fight against AIDS has come from research.  The advancements that our founders pioneered helped transform AIDS from an automatic death sentence to a chronic, yet manageable disease for those with access to care.  Today, AIDS Research Alliance continues Dr. Rothman’s commitment to innovation by focusing all self-funded research in the search for a cure.

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