Our Guiding Principles

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Our researchers in the ARA lab.


The development of new drugs is a lengthy and costly process. Only a not-for-profit HIV research organization has the freedom to “think outside the box,” and conduct pioneering research that advances the following vital principles: 


AIDS Research Alliance recognizes that a cure for HIV and new prevention strategies are needed now.


AIDS Research Alliance conducts pioneering scientific research and pursues paths that others may find too risky, unprofitable, or outside of the mainstream of scientific opinion.


AIDS Research Alliance’s scientific research adheres to the highest scientific and ethical standards.


Our research helps all communities worldwide threatened by the HIV pandemic, especially those communities hardest hit by HIV/AIDS in the United States.


AIDS Research Alliance pursues medical research on the most promising HIV prevention strategies and therapies.


AIDS Research Alliance works with diverse partners, including universities, the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, and local, state and national organizations to ensure that as many resources as possible are available in the search for a cure.

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