Annual Reports and 990s

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AIDS Research Alliance is proud to share our most recent annual report with the public. 

Donors can be assured that our Privacy Policy ensures that all contact and giving information is held in the strictest confidence. Institutional funders also appreciate our Whistleblower Policy. AIDS Research Alliance welcomes questions about our research expenses, fundraising activities, and administrative costs.

Approximately 80ยข of every dollar donated to AIDS Research Alliance advances our scientific inquiries and related programs. 

Thank you for supporting AIDS Research Alliance.

  The ARA Bullpen.

The ARA Bullpen


Most Recent Annual Report

2012 & 2013 Annual Report/ Searchlight Magazine [PDF]
2011 Annual Report [PDF]
2010 Annual Report [PDF]

Recent IRS Forms 990

2012 IRS Form 990 [PDF]
2011 IRS Form 990 [PDF]
2010 IRS Form 990 [PDF]
2009 IRS Form 990 [PDF]
2008 IRS Form 990 [PDF]

Recent Audited Financials

2012 Audit [PDF]
2011 Audit [PDF]
2010 Audit [PDF]
2009 Audit [PDF]
2008 Audit [PDF]

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