About AIDS Research Alliance

Mamala Plant

  Prostratin was first extracted from the Mamala Plant.

AIDS Research Alliance helped to make HIV/AIDS treatable, but 8,000 people still die of AIDS every day, while millions more with HIV may lose a third of their life spans.

As an independent research organization, AIDS Research Alliance has moved the science forward, contributing to the approval of half of today’s HIV/AIDS treatments.  Now, we’re dedicated to finding a cure, and we need your help.

AIDS Research Alliance was the first organization to claim it is possible to cure HIV/AIDS. Now, we’re developing a new generation of cure-focused treatments.  We’re also working to prevent HIV infection as an investigational site for the NIH-sponsored HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN).

With this two-pronged approach—a vaccine, which would prevent the spread of HIV, and a cure, which would eliminate current and future HIV cases—AIDS Research Alliance is taking steps towards realizing President Obama’s vision of an “AIDS-free generation.” Join us.


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