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HIV Vaccine No Less Urgent Because of Truvada

truvada Last week, FDA advisers recommended approval of the drug Truvada to prevent HIV transmission. This is, in many respects, a momentous step in the fight on HIV/AIDS. But Truvada’s approval would not diminish the pressing need for an HIV vaccine. Truvada has been shown to reduce risk of infection by up to 42%* in gay and bisexual men, and up to 75% in heterosexual couples where one partner is HIV-positive. Read More

ARA Earns Permanent Spot on GlobalGiving

Thanks to you, ARA now holds a permanent spot on GlobalGiving, the international fundraising platform.

globalgiving_logo On April 1st, 2012, AIDS Research Alliance entered the GlobalGiving Challenge, seeking to earn a permanent spot on this internationally recognized fundraising platform. The terms of the challenge were to raise $4,000 from 50 unique donors within 30 days. Over the course of the month, we reached out to you by email, on Facebook, and on Twitter. And you gave us your support. As of April 30th, we now hold a permanent spot on GlobalGiving. In fact, we ranked... Read More

Got Logo?

ARA is pleased to announce its second Taproot grant - to create a new logo.

taproot_kevin__carolyn_1 After six years, AIDS Research Alliance is saying goodbye to its current logo. The Taproot Foundation, which provided us with a brand strategy and key messaging service grant in 2011, has awarded us a second grant valued at $55,000 to develop a new logo. We were exceedingly pleased with the results of the first grant, executed by Taproot pro bono consultants Kevin Walker, Kevin McDevitt, Adreena Thomas, Marjorie Masters, and Lynne Dundas. We now use the Taproot-created... Read More

Why Do You Volunteer, Peter B.?

HVTN volunteer Peter B. on why furthering HIV vaccine research is his personal mission.

Pete__Matt Every two months, Peter B. drives two hours from his home in San Diego, California, to AIDS Research Alliance’s offices in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a long commute, but for Peter, it’s worth it. AIDS Research Alliance is the only clinical research site in Southern California for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) HIV Vaccine Trial Network (HVTN), and Peter is participating in the trial. Peter’s partner is HIV positive. A... Read More

AIDS Research Alliance Expands

ARA has expanded its clinical program to include other infectious diseases, vaccine, and device trials.

Leo_Lab_250x150 In tandem with AIDS Research Alliance’s relocation to a new state-of-the-art clinic and research facility in Downtown Los Angeles, we have expanded our clinical program to include other infectious diseases, vaccine, and device trials. We are now participating in phase I-IV clinical studies that include, but are not limited to, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Influenza, HPV, and HSV. Our new clinical program will better address the growing problem of co-infection – such as Hepatitis C... Read More

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