Truvada Approved by the FDA for Prevention: The Pros & Cons

Truvada_200x150 We have seen real progress over the past several weeks in HIV testing and prevention. The FDA approved the OraQuick test earlier this month, which means that individuals will soon be able to test themselves for HIV in the privacy of their own homes. In addition, the FDA approved Gilead’s Truvada as an HIV prevention drug. Despite the progress both approvals represent, they have been met with some reservations. In the case of Truvada,... Read More

Brazilian Consul General Meets with ARA Scientific Team

Brazilian_Consul_General_200x150 Worldwide, 34 million people are currently living with HIV. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), only 19 million of those 34 million – or a little over half—have access to the antiretroviral therapy (ART) they need. One obstacle to treating everyone is cost. In the United States, a single lifetime supply of antiretroviral therapy has been estimated to cost $600,000. But there is one country in the world that has made a point of providing antiretroviral therapy to... Read More

Pledge to Know Your Status. Get Tested!

HIV_Test_200x150 In an effort to build our social media presence, we at AIDS Research Alliance have re-launched our Causes webpage. Causes is a social media platform that allows us to connect directly with fans to engage them in polls, petitions and pledges designed to advance our mission – an AIDS-free generation. Read More

In Her Own Words: One Woman’s Struggle & Triumph

pastor_vicky_johnson_200x150_border I learned I was HIV-positive in 1995. At the time, I was in a committed relationship with a man I thought I was going to marry. Then he got sick. He kept coughing. He told me it was just a cold or the flu. But he went into the hospital, and they quarantined him. When I went to visit him in the hospital, I ran into one of my friends, who worked there. In a small... Read More

ARA Chosen for Major Phase I Study

antacid-tablets1 AIDS Research Alliance is pleased to announce that it will serve as an investigative site for a new Phase I Interaction Study examining interactions between HIV treatment Isentress (Raltegravir) and over-the-counter (OTC) antacids. Isentress, approved by the FDA in 2007, is the only drug in its class of integrase inhibitors. Integrase inhibitors are a class of antiretroviral drug designed to block the action of integrase, a viral enzyme that inserts the viral genome into the DNA... Read More

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